We provide the equipment and expertise necessary for large scale installations that require heavy rigging, creative solutions, and the coordination of multiple parties.



With three decades of experience, we are prepared to handle the installation of any piece - interior or exterior, architectural, historical, conceptual, regardless of material or size.


Packing and crating

Our team can create custom crates, assemble, re-assemble, or dismantle priceless and sensitive pieces.



We perform welding and metal-working, stone drilling, concrete work, and multi-material fabrication for installation and hanging hardware, pedestals, and custom, site-specific mounts.



We have expertise in transporting and securing all materials and even the largest pieces. We provide the full range of rigging and lifting techniques, protective materials, and transport vehicles for any piece and all distances.



As the exclusive handler and storage facility for the Louise Bourgeois Foundation, we provide secure, climate-controlled storage for long and short-term storage needs.